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? - Aug. 5, 2003

I just needed so bad to write to someone who I know would understand about the death of  loved animal.

My Kittie, WindWhistle, has been sick for a while, but especially this last month.  He was at death's door twice.  He had CRF among other things, but it was his CRF that couldn't be patched up by his vet.  The first time he was at death's door, he couldn't move his bowls.  The second time his lung was filled up with water.  Then he had diarrhea for over a couple of weeks. I had him on steroids, pepcid A/C,  I gave him a needle under the skin water therapy to prevent dehydration, a medicine to keep him for vomiting, iron syrup, and epogen under the skin to build up his red blood cells. At times I spoon fed him.  I loved that kittie so much.  I feel that my heart will break.

Yesterday, WindWhistle was mouth breathing and gasping for air.  I took him to the vet and he was put on oxygen.  The vet strongly suggested that I put him to sleep.  That was suggested a few weeks ago also.  I wasn't ready, but I knew that I would never be ready to let my kittie go....  He loved me so unconditionally.  Yesterday, my husband, my daughter and her husband (they now live in NH) and myself gathered to watch my kittie be put to sleep.  He is buried in my backyard.  I feel so sad...

September 14, 2003 - November 12, 2003

Bubba was an all gray flouffball.
8 weeks old and loved to play with the kids.
He will be in our hearts forever.
Thank you,
-:¦:- Mellissa -:¦:-

Dear little dilute calico..
A memorial ode for all homeless pets
By Ashley

I wish we could have saved you. but by the time we got home all I saw was your broken body on the sidewalk. I wished you were alive. I would have taken you upstairs and wrapped you in a blanket and fed you warm special kitty milk and  food that would make you strong. you would become part of our family.

But Brian got out of the car and saw how you were broken. your careless, stupid  owners left you without a collar and without a care. in the suburbs of providence,  you were crossing the road when the evening turned into the darkest night. half  lifeless, you crept one painful step at a time until you reached higher ground  where you could sleep forevermore.

I wanted to cradle you, love on you, nurture you. love you the way you deserved  to be loved. your white silky fur and beautiful spots of gray and orangey peach.  there is no other kitty like you. you are unique. I wanted to feel your purr, your  paws resting on my leg, your claws lovingly kneading my belly, happy smiling  eyes telling me you loved this kitty family. but your life was gone. your spirit had  left hours before our car lights revealed your eternal fate.

I love you, precious dilute calico. when Brian lovingly took your sharply angled  body in his gloved hands and placed you carefully into the plastic bag to hide  your fate, he loved you too. I could see your paws, stiff and outstretched, poking  outward thru the plastic, as if you were saying, "Please give me life again, there  are more birdies to watch, more squirrels to hunt, more love to be given." But it  was too late. Your life cut short by the stupidity of your owners. Your body  already stiffened by their mindless choice to leave you outside in the middle cold  of this November night.

please know that, even though I never met you, I loved you more than you'll ever  know or have ever known.

Patch ("Patchie")
March of 1993 - January 4th, 2004

Patch wasn't a bothersome kitty. He sometimes meowed at night, and nipped if you poked at his belly. But he was still a wonderful cat. He grew up with me, and he was my baby.

I remember when I was only three years of age when I was violently sick with the flu, and my mother and Brother brought home a kitten, one just for me.

I named him Patch, because of the patches on his body. He wasn't an enormously active kitten, but we still loved him.

As the years passed on he grew chubby, even for a cat. He got along well with my other Kitty, Bob (passed away in March a few years ago due to kidney problems). My other kitty, Samurai (Still with us) loved to play with Patch, even if Patch wasn't interested. Patch loved to lie in the sun and enjoy the warmth.

Though lethargic in his later years, Patch was a friendly cat. He loved beng petted. He slept in my bed most days and nights.

We still are unsure why he died. My mother says He probably had a stroke or heart ataack due to his obecity. All I know is that he was dead when I went into the garage, looking for a towel. I don't think I've cried harder in my life. He's been with me for most of my thirteen years.

I'll always love my Patchie. So will Mom, dad, and my Brother Zach too.


Lauren, Judi, Jack, and Zach 

April 25, 1987-April 3, 2004

 I was 12 when my parents got Gizmo from PAWS in Tx. He was the sweetest and kindest cat ever. We love you Gizmo and we are going to miss you.

?? ?? 2004 - June 18, 2004

The Gentle Guardian
The Brooding Hen
With wings spread out
Encircles them.
A severe eye backed with tenderness such
that it rivals a human mother's touch.

Though she flies at the foe
with tearing claws and beating wings
to her fluffy yellow charge, she almost sings
with a voice to make jealous the sweetest dove
as it cooes to its mate full of passionate love.

The brave knight knows no loyalty
If a mother hen he never did see
As she warms her offspring faithfully
While they lie beneath her feathers peacefully.

Copywrite 2004
M. Brohinsky

September 2,1990-December 25,2004

Biscuit was a baby, in our family. She was a 5lbs Pomeranian. She was 14 years old.Biscuit we love you and you will always be missed!! You are in our hearts and I know you are at peace. God Bless you and Keep you safe in his arms. WE LOVE YOU OUR PRECIOUS BABY GIRL!!

Auguest 24,1 987 - July 8, 2005


You were the one kitty cat in the entire shelter that didn't seem resigned to your fate, standing there, front paws on the bars, yowling your furry little head off saying Pick Me, Pick Me.

I never had cause to regret picking you.

In all our years together, with exception of the time you played the fool and got your tail broken when you slipped off the roof of the garden shed at 9 months old you never had a sick day in your life.

You were a true and faithful companion, sleeping on my pillow with your chin on my hand, purring softly if I so much as said hello, every night of our life together up until you were no longer able to climb up onto the bed.

You had your finicky traits as well, always refusing to drink water unless it was fresh and running out of the tap, no bowl water for you.

Always there for me you were, with a soft meow, gentle purr, and a lick of my hand or nose whenever I was ill or feeling blue.

Your love for us was without equal, without expectations, and without end, as will be ours for you eternally.

Until we meet again at the bridge dearest Babe, know that you were, and always will be loved, and nothing will ever replace you in my heart, nothing will fill that empty space you left behind except for all the happy memories you have given me to look back on.

Rest now little Babe, and dream well.

Best friend of
Ronald Riekens II
Oregon City, OR 

April 1999-September 28,2005

Born in mid-April of 1999 Stormy was brought to us by a neighbor in June of '99. She was described as the "runt" of the litter, and you could tell it was true. At 2 months old we could still hold her in the palm of one hand.

She was about the sweetest cat we have ever known, almost indescribable in personality. We never witnessed any act of aggression that was not play related, she never messed beyond the box, occasionally she would beg for food, but that was due to being spoiled early on :)

With her small size, and attitude, we could tell that she would stay a kitten in mind for as long as she was to bless our lives. She never aspired to be an outdoor kitty, always preffering to sit by the open door and scent the wind, watching the outside world with nary a clue as to what lay beyond, nor a care to find out.

Oh she had her little quirks, try as we might we could not convince her that clean folded clothes were not a bed. If she was nearby and we didn't pay attention when she chirped in that special way that kittens have she'd gently reach out a paw to our hand or cheek and partially flex her claws until we'd talk to her and scritch her. Never one for headbutts or kisses she loved rubbing her chin against our hands or legs. Bathtime was always her favorite, as bedtime neared she could always be found curled up on the toilet waiting for me to appear and start the tub filling. The whole time I was soaking she'd sit the chirping and chattering away at me. One time she tried sitting on the edge of the tub, until she leaned forward to try and take a sip of water and fell in. After that it was toilet top every night.

She came along at the perfect time to help me thru some very rough things in my life, having learned only shortly before that my Father had cancer. When he passed away, looking in her eyes would remind me that I needed to go on with life because I had a furry little bundle of pure unadulterated love to attend to.

Discovering that she was ill was the second hardest moment I ever had with her, she stopped eating and drinking, and by the time I could get her to a vet her skin was turning yellow. At the vets office they found a mass on her stomach that had spread to her liver. That was a very hard thing to take, not being able to help her when she had been such a tremendous help to me throughout her life. I tool her home, hoping against hope that she would improve, that somehow, someway, she wouldn't be taken from us. It only took a few days of seeing her lose strength, and not being able to keep anything down to make the hardest decision I ever had to. On September 28th, 2005 I had to have her put to sleep. They allowed me to be there with her through the procedure, and as the medications took effect I could see that the pain was leaving, and she was able to relax, finally at peace, drifting off as she tucked her paw under her chin and the long remembered look of love returning to replace the pain in her eyes.

As she lifted from the bonds of Earth I kissed her forehead one last time and told her to wait for me at the bridge, and to say hello to Babe, Rons' cat that we lost on July 8th, 2005.

Stormy, you always remained the sweetest,  most loving kitten I have ever known. In your 6 years you never grew up, and we wouldn't have changed a minute of it except to be able to have you longer in our lives. You were a ray of true light in an often dreary world, and you were the best kitty cat I ever had.

I Love You Stormy
Christine Goltz
Oregon City, Oregon

Also loved by
Ron Riekens II
Oregon City, Oregon

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