June 24th 2000 - June 11th 2002


Skye...was the sweetest little kitty. She was originally my Husbands cat. he raised her from kitten hood, having caught her a as wild kitty on a friends farm. He's said at times..before I came along..that when he was living alone in Belleville, she was the only other heartbeat in his little apartment. I really wish I could get him to write something about her. She was his kitty and we knew it.

She had so many endearing little traits. her love of milk bottle rings as a play toy, her crossed eyes that made her look so much like a ditz. how she would pull out ONE bit of kitty kibble and take it to a completely different room to eat just that ONE kibble then go back for others. I had even patterned a Roleplay Charater off of her.

It Breaks my heart to think of how she passed over teh Bridge. My Husband and I had only been back from our week long honeymoon for a few days. Living at his parents house for a bit. his mom yelled down at us..hey I think  hear your cat outside..bob RUSHED outside and found her..outstreahced..panting..nearly dead..she died in our arms as we watched her. what had happend was..she had sliped out somehow..I don't remeber jsut now how..and the dogs that had been living on his parents property...got ahold of her..broke her neck. no blood, just..pain. it was the middle of the night. in the middle of the country..we had no way of getting her to a vet in time.

We took her the forest the next day and burried her in the bluffs on the property a lovely place, so beautiful. I know shes happy there now. waiting for us with My Muffin on the other side of the Bridge.

I miss you so much My Skye Kitty baby.

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