The Fae, Wee Folk, Little People, the Good Folk, The Folk; these are just some of the many names for Fairies. They have been with us in our minds, some say only in our imaginations, for centuries. They have inspired fabulous works of art,  wonderful poetry, and even plays and films.
I personally believe that they are real, not mythical beings. Just because something is not seen does not mean it does not exists. Magic is real I believe, one merely has to look to find it. Unfortunately all to often today people take the magic out of their lives and  refuse to see it, they refuse to believe. And they take it out of the children lives as well, and its something they need badly, when a big move was made to become more "real" on television, that's when things started going bad with the kids. Bring back the magic to your life . . . just . . let yourself . . . Believe . . . . .

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